Blackstar CMS is an API-first, headless CMS, built for application developers.

Put managed content in your custom web application, and provide a delightful content management experience for application administrators.

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Built for developers

  • Simple API for accessing content.
  • Token based scheme for sharing authentication with the parent application.
  • Headless (decoupled) design stays out of your way.

Easy installation

Run the installer and you will have a working installation, on premise or in the cloud, within seconds.

Empower admins

Provide a delightful content management experience for application administrators. All you have to do is install Blackstar CMS and pull content via the API.

Blackstar CMS provides an API for requesting content and a management user interface for creating and maintaining content. The management interface can be deployed stand-alone, or embedded inside your application in an iframe.


For a client-side application (SPA), or node.js, you should fetch content using the Blackstar CMS JavaScript API in the browser.

Fetch content items by their identifiers, or by tags.

// fetch by ids
var content = blackstar.get({ids: [1,2]});

// fetch by tags
var content = blackstar.get({tags: ["about-page","english"]});


For a server-side .NET application use the Blackstar CMS .NET API.

var client = new BlackstarClient("");
// fetch by ids
var content = await client.GetByIdsAsync(new[]{1,2});

// fetch by tags
var content = await client.GetByTagAsync("home-page");


Blackstar CMS is available for any platform that has an HTTP client.

You can even access Blackstar CMS via curl!

Fetch by ids $ curl http://yourdomain/api/content/byids/1/2

Fetch by tags $ curl http://yourdomain/api/content/bytags/about-page/english

To see full examples of Blackstar CMS integration with AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC and others browse the sample library.

Blackstar provides a web interface for creating and managing content.

Each piece of content has an associated id, name and tags, all of which can be used to query for that content. Content is edited using the simple text formatting language Markdown.

Try the demo

Blackstar includes a media library for managing images, documents, videos, audio or any other media assets.