Getting Started With Blackstar CMS

Blackstar CMS is an API-first, headless CMS, built for application developers.

Sometimes all you need is a platform for presenting content. Traditional content management systems serve that market well. Sometime you have a custom application with no content to be managed and again that use case is covered. However, many applications contain both dynamic functionality and content that needs to be managed and this is where headless content management systems, like Blackstar CMS, are the ideal solution.

Blackstar CMS

With Blackstar you develop your application as normal except that instead of hard coding content you fetch the content on demand, via HTTP, from the Blackstar server. To make this as easy as possible (something Blackstar tries very hard to do) we publish client libraries for .net and JavaScript.


Blackstar distinguishes itself from many competitors by being installed on-premise, where you have full control and latency is minimized.

Blackstar CMS can be installed on Windows or Linux computers. Installation packages, and detailed instructions, are available on the Blackstar website.

Working Samples

The Blackstar Samples project includes working samples for .net, plain JavaScript and Angular2.