Download Blackstar CMS (alpha)

This build is unstable and should not be used in production. It is made available for evaluation and to assist with the evolution of the product (feedback please!).

Download Windows Installer  Download Linux Installer

Windows Installation

  1. Start with a blank windows installation (must have .net 4.5.2 or greater) Empty windows installation

  2. Download the Blackstar CMS Windows Installation Package. download Blackstar CMS Windows Installation Package

  3. Right click the archive, select properties, and click the `unblock` button to allow the application to be installed as a service.

  4. Extract the contents of the zip file Extract zip file

  5. Open an administrator command prompt and change to the installer directory change to installer directory

  6. Install the Blackstar CMS service with the command

    > BlackstarCMSService.exe install

    install the Blackstar CMS service

  7. Start the Blackstar CMS service with the command
  8. > BlackstarCMSService.exe start

    Start the Blackstar CMS service Blackstart CMS is now installed as a service. If the computer restarts Blackstar CMS will restart with it.

  9. Browse to http://localhost:2999 and confirm that Blackstar CMS is running Browse to Blackstar CMS

Linux Installation

These instructions are for recent versions of Ubuntu Linux. Other distributions will work with a similar high-level process (install node.js, install pm2, configure pm2)

  1. Start with a clean Ubuntu installation

  2. Install the required dependencies with:

    > sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev wget unzip
    Install required packages
  3. Install node.js using your preferred technique. One way is via the NodeSource binary distribution repository. Another good option is the node version manager (nvm). Note that node.js 6 is currently incompatible with Blackstar CMS because the sqlite driver does not support it.

    > curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
    sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
    Install node.js
  4. Install pm2 (node.js process manager) with the command

    > sudo npm install -g pm2

    For more information on pm2 see the docs

  5. Download the Blackstar CMS Linux Installation Package.

    > wget
  6. Extract the zip file

    > unzip blackstar-linux.gz -d blackstar
  7. Set the permissions on the files to allow execution and change into the `package` directory.

    > chmod -R 700 blackstar/package/ && cd blackstar/package
  8. Install the `sqlite3` package

    > npm install sqlite3
  9. Register the application with pm2 using the command

    > pm2 start build/es5/index.js --name "blackstar"

    Start pm2

  10. Save the configuration of pm2

    > pm2 save
  11. Configure pm2 to restart with the operating system by generating a startup script. E.g. if you are on Ubuntu

    > sudo pm2 startup ubuntu
    pm2 startup script
  12. Reboot to check that pm2 is configured properly. Then run

    > pm2 list

    and confirm that blackstar is started. To see more information about the process try

    > pm2 show blackstar
  13. Browse to http://localhost:2999 and confirm that Blackstar CMS is running Browse to Blackstar CMS

To see full examples of Blackstar CMS integration with AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC and others browse the sample library.